Walkie-talkie Marine radio batteries様々なポータブル・トランシーバー用の交換用バッテリーを取り扱っています。SAILOR、SKANTI、DEBEG、AXIS および McMurdo などに対応しています。




AEP Battery product

Replacement battery for

Suitable for


BTV-001 SP3901 SAILOR SP3110, SKANTI 9110, DEBEG 6701 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-002 SP3905 SAILOR SP3110, SKANTI 9110, DEBEG 6701

Lithium VHF

BTV-003* NBB389 VHF JHS-7 Lithium VHF
BTV-004* Tron TR20 GMDSS Jotron P/N 80060  Lithium VHF
BTV-005* NCB850 Axis 150, 200, 250 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-006 LTB-1 AXis 150, 250 Lithium VHF
BTV-007 CM-176 ICOM GM 1500E VHF
BTV-008* Tron VHF Jotron P/N 93002 Lithium VHF
BTV-009 Tron VHF Jotron P/N 93030 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-010 Tron TR20 Jotron P/N 80059 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-012* NC08 (850mAh) Axis 150, 200, 250 & SIMRAD HT50/53 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-013* LTB-2:O AXIS 30, McMurdo R1 Lithium VHF
BTV-014* LTB-3: Yellow Sailor SP3300, AXIS 50 Lithium VHF
BTV-015 LTB-3: Orange  McMurdo R2 Lithium VHF
BTV-016* NBB-248 JRC JHS-7/JHS-14 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-017 TW-50 Saracom TW-50 Lithium VHF
BTV-018 BP-1208 FM-8 Lithium VHF
BTV-019* BP-1207 FM-8 Ni-CD Ni-Cd VHF
BTV-020 BP-234  IC-GM1600E Lithium VHF
BTV-021 CM-165 IC-GM1500E Ni-Cd VHF
BTV-022 FNB-V57IS HX370 SAS Rechargeable VHF
BTV-023 NH12 Simrad HT50 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-024 Tron AIR  Tron AIR Lithium VHF
BTV-025* 1066 ACR SR-102 Lithium VHF
BTV-027 FNB-V57(h) VX-160 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-028 SPL80 STV-160 Lithium VHF
BTV-029* B3501 SAILOR SP3500 / SP3520 Lithium VHF
BTV-030 B3502 SAILOR SP3500 / SP3520 Rechargeable VHF
BTV-031 BP224, 7.2V 750mAh  IC-GM1600 Ni-Cd VHF

* Original

Besides the product numbers marked with the asterisk every battery is certified by Chinese Classification Society.